At a minimum of £21,804 (or £27,270 in inner London), the starting salary in teaching is high compared to other graduate starting salaries. Leading practitioners can earn up to £64,677 in London and £57,520 outside London, while head teachers can reach a salary of between £42,803 and £113,303.

High performing teachers can progress faster up the pay ranges on the basis of annual appraisals.

Pay and benefits
Teachers earn a very competitive salary, complemented by other benefits.
Teaching offers fantastic career prospects and development opportunities.
Unqualified teacher pay ranges
These are the pay ranges for all teachers who have not yet received qualified teacher status (QTS).
Starting salary
The starting pay for teaching compares well with other graduate professions.
Teaching salary ranges
This page outlines the basic salary ranges for all teachers.
Upper pay ranges
Where you fit into these ranges will depend on your individual school, position, experience, performance and location.